Happy sweet sixteen Meghan!

My wife still ribs me a little about stifling discussion around an important family decision a little more than sixteen years ago. She’s told the story dozens of times about how when she was pregnant with our second child I confidently declared one day, “I can see my daughter. She has brown hair, big brown eyes and her name is Meaghan.” The Big Book of Baby Names was never opened. Sixteen years later, the only detail I have to concede in my prediction is the letter ‘a’ in her name.

Today is my baby’s sixteenth birthday. She is amazing; smart, beautiful, talented, and mature way beyond her sixteen years. Though it may seem as if I got the child I “ordered”, God has a sense of humor and prettied up a fiercely independent and stubborn child with the hair and big, brown eyes I imagined. The independence and stubbornness that earned her the nickname “Ice Princess” when she was barely out of second grade has since turned to self-sufficiency and conviction. Meghan is simply the sweetest young lady you could ever meet, but unbending on things that matter.

Meghan has her mother’s raw singing talent, yet listens to scream-o bands. She is lovely, beautiful, and feminine, yet trains in a boxing gym with professional fighters. Her room is a mess yet she’s already started a promising photography career on her own with the organization and discipline required of an entrepreneur. She loves hanging with family. She likes breakfast “dates” with her dad. She is so creative and has an amazing photographer’s eye. Most importantly, she loves God and it is evident in everything about her.

It’s natural for any parent to be full of reservations about their child’s future when they’re sixteen years old. Not me. I’m so excited to see what Meghan does with all the God has given to her. I know I’ve said it before, but there’s only one Father that loves His daughter more. Happy sweet sixteen baby! I love you!

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Guy who works in tech to pay the mortgage and raise a family that loves God.
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  1. Donna Eastet says:

    And you Mr Jones are a fantastic father!!

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